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Name:santa claws

is a fictional religion in the dead space series of survival-horror video games; it also doubles as a pretty sweet username for a twenty-year-old nerd. ► ( ART CREDITF/OTUMBLRPREVIOUSLY )

Interests (105):

'ships don't require logic, aerodynamic pandas, akira yamaoka, all the fictional women you hate, altaïr ibn-la'ahad, animanga, asian horror, axel/kairi/roxas, basch/ashe, bastardized history, birth by sleep ot3, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, brainiac 5/supergirl, chrestomanci/howl, chrona/maka/soul, comic books, conspiracy theories, crappy horror movies, crying about robins, dc stop breaking my heart, destiny islands ot3, dev patel = sokka, diana wynne jones, dick grayson/starfire, dramatically silhouetted antagonists, driving with loud music, erza and her jello complex, everyone/everyone, everything should end in threesome, ezio auditore da firenze, feminism, feron/liara, fictional bastards, fire solves all problems, flynn/estelle(/yuri), gokutsuna, gratuitous panty shots, greece/japan/turkey, guro, handshakes ending in hearts, having too many fandoms, hei minus awful ski-jacket, hiro/kensei's epic breakup, his name's dick not robert, interesting pieces of information, izaya/vending machine/shizuo, judging you by your userpics, kairi/everyone, kiriyama vs. jason, kolyat/oriana, korean boybands are evil, lady heroes, lady macbeth, larsa/penelo, lavi/lenalee, mai/ty lee, marie antoinette, marluxia/naminé, mikado/anri/masaomi, moral ambiguity, mythology, nakama, not hating women, obsessing over books, old school anime, orihime kicking ass, panty/kanda, persephone, peter parker/mary-jane watson, planning the zombie apocalypse, plotting world domination, poetry, power of the keyblade, pushing my otps on others, really cute things, robots, roxas/ingus/ven is true narcissism, sailor kanda, secretly crushing on everyone, seimei/ritsuka, seishirou/subaru, sexy like a gunblade, shakespearen insults, shipping everything in existence, shut up yukari takeba, silent protagonists, soul/maka, soul/maka/chrona, study = fail, superhusbands, sweet zombie jesus, the law of manly rathbones, tim reading twilight, tim/kon, tim/steph, tim/tam, tori amos, ulquiorra/orihime, video games, when kanye west rants, your hypothetical jesus, yukiko/chie, zombie apocalypse, zuko's perpetual fail, /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
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